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Green Pond Harbor at Sunrise

We no sooner had feet on the deck when Captain Jim Silvestro powered away under a gorgeous rising sun. Within minutes, we were fishing at our first wreck and bringing up bass after bass.

There is nothing more exciting than Fall Black Sea Bass fishing on Cape Cod!  The bite is continuous and the catch is bountiful!  It also goes without saying that Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) is one of the most delicious eating fish taken from New England waters!  The Black Sea Bass is from the family “Serranida” which means, it is a relative of the Grouper.  Unlike the Grouper that fishermen are accustomed to catching off of the Southern Coasts, these fish, from the Mid-Atlantic stock are smaller sea bass, weighing in at no more than 9 pounds.  The typical size caught in these waters is in and around 1 to 3 pounds.  The largest ever caught by a recreational angler in Massachusetts waters weighed in at 8lbs. These fish spend most of their life close to the bottom of the ocean and are often concentrated around bottom structure like rocks, man-made reefs & wrecks.  This is exactly where we found them when fishing with Capt. Jim’s Charters LLC, based out of East Falmouth, MA.

Capt. Jim Sylvestro

Captain Jim Silvestro of Capt. Jim’s Charters LLC has been fishing New England waters for more than 40 years.

Captain Jim Silvestro, owner of Capt. Jim’s Charters LLC is nothing less than a pro!  He knows the waters in and around Vinyard Sound, Nantucket Sound, and Buzzards Bay like the back of his hand.  Heck, I grew up fishing these same waters and didn’t know about three quarters of the wrecks that he brought us to!  Jim has been fishing New England waters for more than 40 years.  In 1989 he acquired his Coast Guard OUPV License, commonly called a “six pack” license.  He then upgraded to a 50 ton Masters License in 2007.  Jim is also a lifelong member of the Mystic Wellington Yacht Club, where he previously held the position of Commodore, and is a member of the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce.  Suffice to say, not only is he a knowledgeable Captain, but he is also “plugged in” to the community.


The PESCE is a spacious 31′ diesel powered Duffy, with a Downeast style hull, built to handle our local New England waters under most conditions.

Captain Silvestro’s vessel, the “PESCE” (Italian for “fish”) is a spacious 31′ diesel powered Duffy, (lobster style vessel) with a Downeast style hull.  She was built by Atlantic Boats to handle our local New England waters under most conditions.  The PESCE has all US Coast Guard required equipment, as well as EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), GPS Navigation, VHF radio, and radar.  She is well maintained and provides for a very comfortable fishing platform.  She can also get you to the most productive fishing grounds in short time.  This means more time for you and your party to fish!


Author & Wicked Fishah’s David Perry with one of many Black Sea Bass caught aboard the PESCE.

On this particular trip, four of my Wicked Fishah friends and I decided that we wanted to ground fish for a few hours before attending the annual On The Water Magazine’s “StriperFest”.  We knew that we wanted just a half day trip and we knew we wanted to take some fish for the freezer.  Capt. Jim came through and helped us start off our guy’s weekend with a bang!  We met the Captain at Green Pond Marina.  At six-o’clock AM, the parking was plentiful and the public ramp was unoccupied.  We no sooner had feet on the deck when Jim powered away under a gorgeous rising sun.  Within minutes, we were at our first wreck.  Using squid and green crabs, baited on Ugly Stick’s and other top quality gear, we were soon hauling “hogs” over the gunnels!  I don’t think we had more than a total of 3 minutes without a bite.  We took many quality Black Sea Bass and Scup (aka Porgie) as large as I’ve ever seen them.  Shortly thereafter, we noticed that our ‘lucky spot’ was discovered and additional boats began to arrive.  “No worries” said the Captain.  “I know of a ton of other wrecks to fish”.  We did just that!  We motored away to the next hot spot.


Wicked Fishah Fan Brian Munley with his “Keepah”

If I remember correctly, we fished 4 or more differing wrecks that morning.  As I stated before, I never knew that they existed!  I too have a home in East Falmouth and fish these waters often.  I guess I just never thought about fishing wrecks as most often, I chase Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito, Albies and other large game fish.  Sure, I do, from time to time, stalk Fluke on Middlegrounds, but it had been decades since I last spent time ground fishing like this.  I’m glad I did.  I think that a lot of people overlook the excellent inshore fishing that Cape Cod has to offer.  I encourage all of you to get back to basics and give it a try too!  You will not be disappointed.  Especially if you take a trip with Captain Jim.

Keep in mind that Capt. Jim’s Charters LLC also targets Striped Bass, Bluefish, Taugog, Fluke, Squid… You name it!  If the fish are there, and you want them, Jim will put you on them.  If the idea of a fishing trip is not what is on the agenda, you can also call the Captain and inquire about sight seeing tours.  Perhaps you are looking for a way to wind down and still enjoy some of the treasures the Cape has to offer.  Get on aboard, sit back, and relax.  Bring your camera and unwind.  Sometimes we all need to deflate.  A cruise around the majestic waters of Cape Cod may just be what the doctor ordered!  With Captain Jim’s decades of knowledge, experience, and love of the water, you can be assured you will have a memorable trip.

The Catch

Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) is one of the most delicious eating fish taken from New England waters

Pick-ups available at Green Harbor and Falmouth Harbor.  Other ports, such as Green Pond, Wood’s Hole and Martha’s Vineyard, may be arranged.  Call in advance for the best available dates and times.  Please remember, tell the Captain that the “Wicked Fishah” sent you!

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