Brewsees Eyewear – Wicked Pissah Beer Goggles!

brewsees-CO-logo-8x2-redgoldHave you ever had one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments?  I sure have!  Just the other day I came across yet another great product and my interest peaked.  My friends at Jase Custom Rods introduced me to a wicked smaht, local guy who has a product called “Brewsees”.  What are Brewsees you ask?  Well, let me tell you…

I’m going to assume that you are visiting Wicked Fishah because you enjoy the great outdoors.  What immediately comes to mind for me, when thinking of getting to my favorite fishing spot, is a nice warm sun, a great day of fishing, followed up by prying open some nice cold beers!  Now I can go prepared with Brewsees – Polarized sunglasses with an integrated bottle opener.  Bingo!  Again, why didn’t I think of that!?

12oz-BLK-2These sunglasses are sweet!  They have a comfortable wrap around fit that is important to the sportsman.  Not only do they stay on tight when you are reeling in the catch of your lifetime, but they fit such that you get absolutely zero peripheral sun in your eyes.  This is super important to me when I’m trying to maneuver a boat in busy waters.  I hate that blinding glare when your glasses just don’t fit right and sun is bouncing around between your eyes and the lenses of those other sunglasses.

The Brewsees lenses are 1.1 mm polarized lenses with a UV 400 rating.  You will definitely see more structure, fish, and boating hazards underwater than you had ever seen before.  For those of us who are on the water a lot during the season, proper eye protection is imperative and Brewsees has you covered.  Not only are you doing your part to protect your eyesight, you look wicked pissah while doing so!  What’s better, Brewsees works with and therefore you can even get your Brewsees with your prescription!

12oz-BLK-AMBER-4These things are tough!  They are constructed with 6061 anodized aluminum bottle opening temple arms, hand polished, polycarbonate frame, stainless steel screws, with reinforced interlocking hinges.  The metal extends into the temple arm so that you can pry with confidence.  I’ve personally opened quite a few dozen brews and haven’t put a scratch on them yet.  The current record is 196+ beers opened with one pair, in one day!  There was also this ‘broken fishing line’ incident that I had this fall, where my rod snapped back, hitting me square between the eyes and yep, you guessed it, the Brewsees held up.  That is all that I’m going to talk about on that subject!  Yes, the one that got away.

BrewseesCamoThe guys at Brewsees have recently opened up their line to include Realtree Max-4® and Realtree AP® Cammo.  Just this week, they included a pink camo for the lady in your life!  They are also available in their original black frame and lens selection includes mirrored red, mirrored blue, amber and charcoal.

Brewsees eyewear is a great solution for eye protection and is built to withstand all the rigors of the “Brewlife”.  Whether you take yours fishing, hunting, golfing, tailgating, for a day at the beach or just at the picnic table in your back yard, you can pry to your heart’s desire and look good doing so.  They make the perfect gift and are extremely reasonably priced.  I suggest you dive into the “Brewlife” and check out this great product at

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