Hoo-Rag! A Wicked Diverse & Cool Bandana For All Of Your Outdoor Head & Face Protection Needs


I sometimes get contacted by people who have great ideas, good social media pages, award winning services or products etc. and typically I’m asked my opinion on what it is that they have to offer.  More often than not, I know of their name, brand, or websites.  If it is someone or something that I believe in, I provide my feedback, wish them luck, and offer to assist in their endeavors wherever possible.  Then, there are those entrepreneurs that you come across that stand out above the rest.  They have full dedication to their projects and products, provide great customer service, and stand behind whatever it is that they provide to the consumer.  Those are the teams that I put stock into!

Hoo-Rag is one such company.  Hoo-Rag bandanas are all the rage in outdoor fashion and head & face protection.  They have quickly become part of the ‘checklist’ for fishermen, hunters, hikers, skiers, paddlers and other outdoor enthusiasts in the last few years.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a super happy customer.  I’ve been using Hoo-Rag bandanas since the spring of 2014.   So, for all intents and purposes, I am a stock holder!  I’m positive that if you too were a “Hooligan”, you’d exclaim the same!


I use my Hoos for facial protection. A great day on the water or on the ice can quickly lead into a miserable experience with sun burn, wind burn etc.

A Hoo-Rag is a lightweight, tubular bandana.  Weighing in at an ounce or less, it makes it easy to store and carry.  I keep at least three in my backpack when I go fishing.  Its design and materials make it a diverse product that can be used in many helpful ways.  The Hoo-Rag helps wick moisture away which is important in comfort in the field.  It is very breathable.  This is an important feature for facial protection applications.  The micro-fabric allows for stretch, which truly makes it a ‘one size fits all’ product.  That same micro-fabric technology and seamless design ensures comfort.  I’m one of those ‘no tags..no seams’ people and would be irritated by most fabrics that brush against my skin.  Finally, the Hoo-Rag is machine washable.  I’ve laundered mine many times have had no fading or shrinking of the product!  With that said, they are best ‘air dried’.  They truly dry in little to no time at all!

Tess_hooTypically, I use my Hoos for facial protection, covering my nose and mouth.  A great day on the water or on the ice can quickly lead into a miserable experience with sun burn, wind burn, or aggravation from dust, dirt, mud, bugs or any other environmental factors.   Other applications of the Hoo-Rag include neck protection, which is key during ice fishing trips, as a headband to keep sweat out of your eyes, or as a means for ladies (or guys) to keep their hair up or in a ponytail.  There are a lot of people posting their pets in Hoos as well.  As a matter of fact, there are so many ways to Hoo that there are multiple videos available on the Hoo-Rag website and on Youtube!

Another attractive feature about Hoo-Rag is that they offer dozens of designs ranging from simple camouflages to the humorous Hoo-Toons faces and hard core skulls.  There is even a fishing Hoo section that contains dozens of fishing related, unique artwork.  Keep in mind, patterns, colors, and overall artwork can be customized!  You could choose your colors and add your own company, school, or club logo!  My favorite, by far, is my “Old Glory”.  I rock the “Skull Daddy” and “Jeeper Reaper” from time to time, and my go to when in the forest or field is the “Technical Fowl”.skull

You really should check out their products page on their website, it’s a lot of fun to browse.  http://www.hoorag.com/  I’m sure that there is at least one design that you’d call a ‘must have’.  They are a great deal as compared to other competitors.  They average at about $15.00, plus or minus, depending on graphic design.  As I have previously stated, I’m a happy customer of Hoo-Rag.  I’m pretty sure that any outdoor enthusiast would benefit from their head gear.  Not only do they provide you with great protection, but they make you stand out among the rest.  Which, by definition, makes you a Wicked Fishah!

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