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A Day With Dexter-Russell Knives

Dexter Visit

When I embarked on this little journey that I call “Wicked Fishah”, I swore that I’d remain a ‘neutral’ blogger and not get tied down to any one brand, company, or service provider.  I figured it’d be hard to properly…

The Wicked Fishah Virtual Shopping Mall


As avid outdoorsmen, we know that the future of our pastimes and our sporting lifestyles depend on EACH OTHER!  Every day, we are faced with new obstacles, whether it is more regulation, tougher & bigger competition in the industries, or…

Yum Money Hound Lure

A weedless Spook – perfect alternative to a frog!

The first thing you will note about this innovative spin on the topwater lure is that the density of the lure will enable you to cast further and reach waters that you haven’t been able to cover with other topwater…